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Is your lawn thirsting for more, or drowning from too much?

At Yavapai Landscaping, we believe every drop counts. Whether you’re aiming for a lush, green oasis or a water-conservative yard, the key lies in your irrigation system.

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Allow our experts to fine-tune your system to perfection, saving your greens while being green. Don’t let your yard’s potential wash away; let us optimize every sprinkle and spray

What we offer with
our Irrigation

System Inspection

Our inspection covers your entire irrigation setup.

From identifying leaks, breaks, inefficiencies to adjusting and cleaning the sprinkler heads for optimal spray patterns.

Our goal? Maximize efficiency, conserve water, and promote the health of your landscape.

Setting Timers

Correct timing can help achieve deeper root growth, healthier plants, and even water savings.

Our experts will evaluate the specific needs of your landscape – considering factors like plant type, soil condition, and current climate – and configure the timers accordingly.

Valve/Valve Box

An issue in the valves or valve box can lead to wastage, insufficient watering, or even property damage.

Our technicians will inspect the integrity and functionality of the valve box and each valve, for any signs of water buildup, damage, or debris.

Year round hasstle-free irrigation solutions.

When you book an Irrigation Tune-Up, one of our technicians will meet you at your property and work to understand what needs to be done to mitigate water waste while improving water distribution.

Providing irrigation services in Yavapai County for over 14 years

Kathey Bowers
Kathey Bowers
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I highly recommend Yavapai Landscaping. Ted, Caesar, and all of the guys did an amazing job for us. From beginning to end they were professional and did excellent work, giving us a peaceful space!
Helene Lohr
Helene Lohr@username
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We had a great experience with Yavapai Landscaping. They were educated, responsive and the crew was great. Hard working and aiming to please. It was also great working with Jan in the front office. Always got things done!
Chad Micheal Trotter
Chad Micheal Trotter@username
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Good quality work at a great price.
Randy Brogdon
Randy Brogdon@username
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Professional staff, honest establishments and quality results!
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