A vibrant logo for "yavapai landscaping" featuring stylized text, a green leaf, a setting sun, and the tagline "design | install | maintain outdoor happiness".
Five-star rating with four stars highlighted in gold and one star in gray, indicating a rating of four out of five stars.


The yelp logo, featuring the company's name in black lowercase letters and a red asterisk-like symbol.
A blue logo with the triple capital "b" letters and a stylized flame or leaf design to the left of the "bbb".
The image shows the logo for homeadvisor, featuring a stylized house icon with a speech bubble element, in a color palette of orange and grey, next to the text 'homeadvisor'.
Angi logo in stylized red script typography.
A logo of houzz featuring a stylized letter h that resembles a house silhouette with a green color scheme.
The image shows the logo of "birdeye," which combines the company name in black lettering with a stylized blue bird-like icon that appears to be integrated into the letter "b.
Logo of "proven expert" featuring a minimalist design with a golden checkmark inside a circle next to bold, black text.
Prescott Landscaping