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A neatly manicured green lawn at Talking Rock Golf Club casting a shadow pattern from a white picket fence in the sunlight.

Owning a natural lawn is beautiful but it can cost you time and money that you may not have currently. Don’t worry, there’s another way!


You can get an artificial turf either on your residential or commercial property. You get a beautiful lawn without the hassles of maintaining a natural lawn. With rising water prices and drought situations, an artificial turf is a win-win situation!

At Yavapai Landscaping, we are all about the comfort we can provide for you and this is one of the methods we are excellent at.

All year round, you get a fresh-looking, lush and vibrant lawn that is the envy of all of the neighbors. It’s a complete landscape system that transforms your entire yard into something unforgettable.

We not only recommend designs that would be perfect for your home and special purposes, we help with the complete ground preparation, drainage system and infilling materials up to the installation of the artificial turf. We hold your hand through the entire journey.

We service all areas in and around Yavapai County and all of the state of Arizona

Benefits Of An Artificial Turf

  • We utilize the highest quality turf with national brands;


Everlast Turf®

  • You don’t have to worry about pets, pests or children destroying it.

We provide pet and children friendly services that ensure the turf is open and available for them to play with.

  • We use a special premium antimicrobial infill called Envirofill®. It is specifically made for pets and coated with Microban®.
  • No more maintenance days or costs like watering, feeding, weeding etc.

With artificial grass, all the stress of maintaining the lawn or calling lawn maintenance service is over.

  • No mud tracks or grass clippings will be brought into your home.

With artificial grass, there is no means for streaks of mud or grass clippings to get into your home and litter it.

  • It saves you money.

With the elimination of most of the care routines involved with natural grass, there are no associated ongoing costs with an artificial turf.

Why Should You Use Our Artificial Turf Service?

We Do an Exceptional Job

With Yavapai Landscapings, your days of worrying are over. We take pride in our ability to do seamless installations that perfectly match and even exceed your expectations.

Our artificial grass is so beautiful, realistic and lush that you hardly find noticeable physical differences between this and natural grass. We're as realistic as possible!

No Fades or Discoloration

With our synthetic turf, you can be sure that there will be no fading or discoloration issues. The grass stays green and vibrant all-year-long for as many as 18-20 years.

Experienced Installers

With installers who have been doing this for years, you can be sure that your project is in safe hands! You can always count on us for your synthetic grass and artificial turf installations and maintenance.

Our installers are professional and can work in just 24 hours mostly.

Allergen Free and Environmentally Safe

We are safety conscious and guarantee that our synthetic grass is free from any allergens that could cause adverse reactions. Need to have your artificial grass cleaned by the top Prescott turf cleaners ?

If you’re looking to install an artificial turf or you need more information on artificial turf, we’re here for you!

Call us to make bookings or enquiries.

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