FireWise Prescott

A wildfire encroaches on a residential area, with flames visibly consuming the hillside behind homes under a smoky sky, underscoring the need for Firewise services in Prescott.

Being an active member of PAUWIC, Yavapai Landscaping is fully aware of the hazard of forest fires.

Nobody wants a house burnt down by fire or a yard destroyed by wildfires. It can be scary and debilitating and we do not want that for you.

There are methods of protecting your residential and commercial property from fires and knowing how to do that is what we are best at!

At Yavapai Landscaping, we believe in the power of prevention over correction and that’s why we provide excellent FireWise services in Arizona. We offer our Firewise services everywhere in and around Yavapai County as well as statewide.

What is FireWise Landscaping?

FireWise Landscaping is a method of integrating the best practices and standards into the landscape of your home or commercial landscape. The main goal of FireWise Landscaping is to remove anything that could constitute fire hazardous material or vegetation and by creating a defensible space around your home, other structures and mature trees.

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to FireWise and Safety and most people see it as daunting. With Yavapai Landscaping, it becomes easy!

Creating a defensible space isn’t by razing every living thing around your home, different terrains and spaces require different strategies.

Our team of experts know what it means to FireWise your home and commercial spaces while making it look good.

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What Services Do We Offer?

Creation of Defensible Spaces

Defensible spaces are areas between your home and natural fire-prone areas like woodlands. This breaks up the continuity of plants and other flammable living things thereby giving your property a higher survival chance in case of a fire.

It is usually extended at least 30 feet from your home. Our experts know the right low flammable plants called firewise plants to use around your home that help reduce the likelihood of wildfires getting to your home.

FireWise Plants

Light plants and twigs burn very easily and quickly while plants with succulent stems or leaves like aloe and cacti do not ignite or burn as easily.

We help you invest in beautiful firewise plans that not only add aesthetic appeal to your surroundings but protect you.

Why Should You Use Yavapai Landscaping's FireWise Service?

We Listen To You

We understand that you have those beautiful dreams about how you want your property to look after we finish working on it. Making your property fire-proof can involve a lot of removals and clearing so we ensure that we listen to you and know what you want, what exactly you want removed, trimmed and left alone.

We take that knowledge, work with it and come up with the best FireWise landscaping strategy specially designed to suit your space and make it fireproof while looking like magic!

We Have a Team of Experts

Our team of professionals here at Yavapai Landscapings are FireWise Certified and are passionate about protecting you while beautifying your homes and commercial spaces.

Contact us about any of your concerns or questions at Yavapai Landscapings.

We’re happy to help and work on your projects in and around Arizona.

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