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Tranquil garden oasis featuring a small, artfully arranged stone waterfall at Talking Rock Golf Club, gently cascading into a serene pond below.

Water features in Arizona are very highly sought after. From improving the curb appeal of your home to helping with feelings of anxiety and stress, they are some of the best features any home could possess.

It’s a common misconception that water features cost too much to afford or maintain. At Yavapai Landscaping, we help you install the water features of your choice without breaking the bank!

As with any other feature added to a home, there are different types of water features with different tags and maintenance requirements.There are economically feasible options with fewer maintenance requirements that you could opt for.

Another misconception is that water features are only for residential properties. That’s not true. We do custom designing and water features for your residential or commercial property. In fact, commercial spaces have the most elaborate water features like waterfalls and fountains.

Being an Authorized dealer for Aquascape®, Blue Thumb and Henri Studio, our experts have you covered on any type of water feature project you might have!
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Different types of available water features could be added to your home.

What Are The Different Types Of Water Features?


These are one of the most sophisticated water features with a touch of elegance.
They can be added to existing swimming pools and can also exist as a stand-alone.

The types of fountains include:

➔ Bubbling Rock Fountains
➔ Wall Fountains
➔ Artistic Fountains
➔ Copper Fountains
➔ Cement Fountains
➔ Precast Fountains

The major factor to consider in choosing a water feature for your home is space, every other thing is easy to come by.

Waterfalls and Streams

➔ Pondless Waterfalls
➔ Pond Waterfalls


They blend flawlessly with most of the other elements in the normal setting of a landscape. Small aquatic animals like fishes could be added to increase their appeal and your interest in them.

Types of Ponds are:

➔ Fish Ponds
➔ Natural Ponds
➔ Container Ponds

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It Transforms Your Space

Water features can easily transform your space from uninteresting to beautiful and relaxing. They are usually calming to look at and enjoy.

Soothing Impact

Water, especially flowing water has a soothing impact on our senses and helps to block out other sounds and relieve tension. It's why you would mostly always find flowing water in temples and religious houses.

Increases Property Value

Water features increase the current and future value of your property. Just as other landscape elements are important for property valuation, water features are just as important.

Attracts Natural Wildlife

Installing water features in your home gives you your own local ecosystem right there in your ward. Water naturally attracts living things like birds, dragonflies, new plants species etc. It's mini heaven for nature lovers.

Improves Air Quality

Air quality is largely enhanced by adding a water feature. The evaporation process of water forms water vapours that help in filtration of the air and consequent reduction in pollution.

Getting a water feature for your home or commercial space is made easy with Yavapai Landscaping.

We take on both residential and commercial water feature projects in and around Yavapai County and all over Arizona!

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