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An inviting night-time backyard oasis featuring a tranquil swimming pool with a rock waterfall, surrounded by elegant patio furniture, vibrant potted plants, and illuminated by soft outdoor lighting; all impeccably maintained by renowned

Having a yard is just the first step in creating the perfect aesthetic for your homes and landscape. Maintaining the yard is the real deal as it dramatically improves the appeal and value of your property.

At Yavapai Landscaping, we believe that caring for your yard is one of the best ways we can serve you.

It’s not just as simple as cutting the grass or trimming the shrubs. It’s cutting, trimming and pruning the right way, at the right time and with the right tools.  Yard maintenance requires expertise and knowledge on correct practices to enhance growth and remove infestations.

Our landscaping and yard maintenance experts have the requisite skills, expertise and experience to do a perfect job for you.

We take pride in providing beautiful, timely and cost-efficient yard maintenance services anywhere in Arizona. Our services extend in and around Yavapai County and statewide.

We provide both residential and commercial yard maintenance services. We do this without constituting an hindrance to your daily activities. This means that you can do whatever you would normally do while we work on making your lawn a sight to behold.

Our services are affordable and convenient to use. We know how much your home means to you so we ensure that we care for it just as much as you would.

What Are The Yard Maintenance Services We Offer?

We offer all kinds of residential and commercial yard maintenance services. They include:


Trimming of plants, shrubs and even trees.  We can cut back and shape all your vegetation in your yard, from Red Tip Photinias, to Roses.

Pruning and Hedging

Need to have your roses pruned?  Is the walkway surrounded by box hedges that are uneven.  Our team members are skilled with a variety of tools to make your yard look great.


From  leaves, to dirt and debris, our blowers will quickly clean up any driveway, walkway or courtyard.

Raking and Vacuuming

When a blower is not prudent, our workers will rake up leaves, pine needles and dried fruit so your ground cover looks nice.  If needed, they come equipped with a vacuum to take care of some of the pesty areas.

Leaves and Debris

Whether it be leaves or debris, we will eliminate and make your yard beautiful again.  A key to a beautiful landscape, is not only the initial design, but the routine maintenance.

Weed Abatement

Whether you want chemicals used or not, we can eliminate weeds in a variety of ways.  Contact us to help with your weed problem before your property is engulfed by them.

Lawn Feeding & Fertilization

We know just the right nutrients and the right proportions your plants need to grow and flourish normally. They need the nourishment to survive and giving it to them is what we do for a living. We go the extra mile and help you test your soil to know what kind of plants would survive and how to maximize nutrients to help them.

You can trust us with your beloved plants, we’d make them look their best and make your outdoor space look like magic!

Lawn Mowing

We help you with mowing your grass correctly and with the right consistency. Mowing done wrong could seriously affect the life span of your plants and we love them too much to let that happen.

Our team of experts use the right equipment to achieve that awesome look your yard deserves.

Trimming & Edging

We specialize in trimming and edging of plants and shrubs in your yard. No one likes overgrown plants that make your space look terrible.

Whether it’s your residential or commercial space, yard maintenance helps you give off just the right impression to friends and clients.

Lawn Aeration

We know the best times to perform your lawn aeration to give maximal results.

We do not only give results, we also equip you with adequate knowledge of what we do and why we do them to increase your security with us.

At Yavapai Landscaping, your comfort is our priority. Call us to relieve the stress of yard maintenance on you!

We’ll do it and do it right!

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