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Do you look at the exterior of some homes and get butterflies in your tummy? That’s the effect of landscaping with attention to detail.

At Yavapai Landscaping, we take the aesthetic of your home or space to another level. We offer both residential and commercial landscaping service plus landscaping care.

If you’re searching for the best landscaping company in Arizona, you are at the right place! Our priority is to make your space look like magic with our stellar landscaping experts and their eye for great designs.

We believe that landscaping is so much more than just plants and flower placements, it is an interpretation of your personality, style and a collaboration between your home or building and it’s outdoor space. A good landscape increases the curb appeal of your property.

Sometimes, beautiful landscaping designs are all you need to make a stellar first impression on that friend, colleague or client.

Whether you want an entirely new landscape or you’re looking to revamp an old one, we can help you do it while relieving you of any kind of stress, both financially and mentally.

Do you have a vision of how you want your home to look? We can help you bring that vision to life right before your very eyes.

In case you’re not too sure about what you would like or what would perfectly complement your architectural design, our landscaping experts are always happy to make recommendations.

We offer residential landscaping and landscape care services in and around Yavapai County and commercial landscaping services anywhere in the entire state of Arizona all year round.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We’re a complete planning, implementation and care package all in one!

We have an Eye For Magical Designs At Yavapai Landscaping.

Our team of landscaping experts have an unparalleled eye for design and design principles that ensures that all stages of the landscaping process including conceptualization and actualization are seamless and easy. We bring both easy and complicated designs to life with ease.

We can create different landscaping types like oriental landscapes, formal landscapes, Mediterranean landscapes and so many other designs.

Unparalleled Degree of Professionalism

Our experts are professional and ensure that they pose no disturbance to you while working.
This way, landscaping your commercial space is an easy and unproblematic process.

Attention to Detail

Our experts pay attention to detail at every stage of the landscaping process. Right from the pre-planning stage of studying the area, soil types and weather conditions, water drainage systems to architectural style and complementing landscaping designs.

Our attention to detail is what makes our work stand out everywhere.

We Go the Extra Mile

For you, we will always go the extra mile. We use and promote the use of the highest quality materials; Belgard®, SGW Corp, Envirofill®, Blue Thumb, Cal Flame®, Bull BBQ® and many others.

Asides from just offering you landscaping services, we'll help you with recommending 'hardscape' elements like pools, patios, bridges and sculptures that make your landscaping pop a mile away!

We also help with landscape maintenance and care.

The aesthetic appeal of your homes and commercial buildings is a priority to us.

Our team of experts are ready everytime and everyday to attend to you.

Call us at 928-910-4147 to schedule a FREE consultation.

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