London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, is a unique and unexpected landmark that has become a popular tourist attraction. Here are some key highlights of London Bridge in Lake Havasu City:

  1. The Transatlantic Move: The original London Bridge was built over the River Thames in London, England, in 1831. In the 1960s, the bridge was sinking and deemed too narrow for London’s traffic needs. As a result, it was sold to Robert P. McCulloch, an American entrepreneur and founder of Lake Havasu City. Learn More
  2. Reassembly in Lake Havasu City: In 1968, the dismantled London Bridge was transported to Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and reconstructed over the Colorado River. The bridge’s reconstruction was completed in 1971, and it officially opened to the public in 1971.
  3. Tourist Attraction: The London Bridge in Lake Havasu City quickly became a popular tourist attraction. Its unexpected location in the desert landscape of Arizona draws visitors from around the world who come to see this historic piece of London’s heritage.
  4. Bridgewater Channel: The bridge spans the Bridgewater Channel, a man-made waterway that connects Lake Havasu to the mainland. The channel is often busy with boats, kayaks, and paddleboards, making it a lively spot for water activities and sightseeing.
  5. English Village: Near the bridge, there is a small shopping and dining area known as English Village. The village is designed to evoke a traditional English town and features shops, restaurants, and souvenir stores.
  6. Festivals and Events: The area around the London Bridge and the Bridgewater Channel hosts various festivals, events, and activities throughout the year, attracting locals and visitors alike.
  7. Sunset Views: The London Bridge provides a scenic backdrop for stunning sunset views over Lake Havasu and the surrounding desert landscape. Many visitors gather along the bridge or the nearby shores to witness the colorful spectacle.

The presence of the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City is a testament to human ingenuity and creativity. It serves as a symbol of international friendship and has become an unexpected but cherished landmark in the desert oasis of Arizona, delighting tourists and residents alike with its historical significance and picturesque setting. Next Post

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