Small landscaping updates with big impact

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A small landscaping update can have a big impact on the overall appearance of your property. For example, if you are looking to make improvements in an area that is visible from the street, consider adding vertical elements like trees or shrubs. This will add depth and dimension to your space and make it more inviting for passersby. If you would like to improve an area that cannot be seen from the street, focus on improving drainage or grading issues; this will go a long way in preventing unnecessary maintenance costs down the road. When considering any landscape improvement project (from planting annuals to paving), keep in mind how much time and money you want to invest into upkeep; some projects require less work than others but may cost more upfront. By taking the time to plan your project and selecting low-maintenance materials, you can enjoy your updated landscape for years to come. If you would like to install a water feature but don’t have the necessary plumbing skills, there are plenty of companies that can help. Or, if you’re looking for a way to add privacy to your property without building a fence, consider installing shrubs or trees that will create a natural screen.

Add a new tree to your front yard

Small landscaping updates can make a big impact. The changes you make to your front yard or backyard will be seen by anyone who drives,
walks, or bikes past your home. They are also likely to be the first thing people see when they visit your property and probably the last impression they have before leaving. Tree planting is one of those easy landscaping updates that can improve curb appeal for very little money. A new tree in the front yard will provide shade from the summer sun and a visual barrier against traffic noise on busy streets while adding beauty and interest year-round with its changing colors and textures as it matures over time. In addition, trees bring oxygen into neighborhoods which helps reduce air pollution from vehicles during rush hour commutes as well as provide a natural habitat for birds and insects.

Planting the right tree in the right place will help ensure its long-term health and beauty. It’s important to first consider where you are planting the new tree relative to other structures on your property, especially if they’re close together. Make sure there is enough room between other plants, buildings, sidewalks, streets, etc. before choosing your preferred location so that over time you don’t have to worry about roots growing into or damaging anything else around it or branches getting too large as it matures.

Replace your old, outdated mailbox with one that matches the house's exterior design

A front yard is an important part of any home, and it’s worth investing in to make sure that it looks great not only for yourself but also for potential buyers who are considering purchasing your property. It doesn’t take much time or money to perform small changes like replacing the old mailbox with one that matches the house exterior design, adding some color through flowers or potted plants, fixing up the walkway paving stones, or planting trees strategically for shade. It will all pay off in making people feel attracted to your home during their drive-by assessment of the property.
And if you are planning to sell your home, you can always hire a professional landscaper for some outdoor renovation work. Homebuyers may be looking past the house’s exterior and even its interior design, but they will notice the front yard as one of the first things when driving up to the residence.

Outdoor rugs come in many colors, patterns, and materials like wool or cotton that will keep you comfortable outside no matter what the weather conditions are. Placing an outdoor rug near your door also helps to create a relaxing atmosphere before entering your home which is perfect for guests who might want to take off their shoes at the entranceway. Another option for an outdoor rug is to place it in the general area where you do yoga. This will help prevent dirt from spreading onto your mat and create enough space to be able to exercise
If you’re not into yoga, an outdoor rug also creates a great space for dancing because you’ll have the right amount of room if people are standing around watching or joining in on the fun! Wind chimes come in many sizes and make wonderful additions wherever they are placed. They sound beautiful when gently moved by the wind and can bring harmony to any landscape. Placing them near your front door is always a nice touch so every guest can enjoy their lovely sounds as they come and go.

A grand, luxurious home featuring a cobblestone driveway, surrounded by meticulously landscaped greenery and bright pink bougainvillea under a clear blue sky offers inspiration on how to create a beautiful landscape

Plant some flowers in pots around the house - they're easy to maintain and will brighten up any area of the home

An enchanting evening garden path lit by warm lanterns, inviting a serene walk among the lush greenery and tranquil landscape, illustrating how to create a beautiful landscape on your property.

It’s easy to make a small change in your front garden and have an instant aesthetic improvement, without having to do too much work. Plant some flowers in pots around the house – they’re easy to maintain and will brighten up any area of the home, or add a small garden statue for a bit of animal life. You can also just invest in a one really good plant that you find attractive,
rather than being tempted by lots of different ones which may not suit your space as well. You might even consider getting a water feature installed for that extra touch of tranquility!
It can be very difficult to keep up a garden, especially if you have hardly any time or energy left at the end of the day. Try landscaping it in such a way that makes your life easier (and less smelly) by putting down gravel instead of having to water and mow the grass all year round. Alternatively, consider hiring out those services now and again to make life even simpler! If this isn’t an option, then another idea is to keep one part of the garden as wild and overgrown (with lots of native plants) and let it run its course for a year or two before you try to tame it. If you’re still not sure what to do with your garden, or if it’s just in need of a quick refresh, then these are all great options that will make a big impact with very little effort. Happy gardening!

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